Southside Forever is an intimate view into the soul of a resilient community—while amplifying its resident's signal of distress.

Writer & Director: Rodney R. Lucas
Producer: Rodney R. Lucas
Cinematographer: Kassim Norris & Brenton Oechsle
Editor: Brenton Oechsle
Colorist: Jack Tashdjian
Sound Editor: Sam Rogich

My Brother's Keeper—NOWNESS

Titus Batts and DeSonni Hardge are the young co-captains of South Shore Drill Team, a non-profit organization based in Chicago that uses performance art to empower disenfranchised youth.

Writer, Director, Producer: Rodney Lucas
Production: Four Four Flat
Editor: Ashley Benzwie
16mm footage: Kassim Norris
Sound Engineer: Stephan Kimbel Olson
Music: Veto Money
Colorists: Jack Tashjian
Cinematographer: Brenton Oechsle

Beats by Dre—Black Future

This short film celebrates the stories and perspectives of the next generation of Black creatives, leaders, and innovators who are contributing to the future of Black Culture.

Client: Beats by Dre
Produced by: Emerald Pictures
Director: Rodney Lucas
Cinematographer: Kassim Norris
Edited by: Annabell Patel
Colorists: Dimitri Zola

Clarks Originals—WU-TANG CLAN

A collaboration to mark 25 years since the release of the seminal album, Enter The Wu-Tang. A covetable collection comprising 3 Wallabee Wu Wear boots.

Agency: NTWRK
Client: Clarks Originals
Producer: Rodney Lucas
Writer: Rodney Lucas
Director: Connie Melkonian
DOP: Steven Mastorelli

Puma—'The Mixtape'

Alexander John and Emory Jones packs on the '90s nostalgia with a PUMA design inspired directly by old school mixtapes. Bold 'A' and 'B' lettering on each shoe and drawn-on graphics create a customized look with serious retro vibes.

Agency: NTWRK
Client: Clarks Originals
Director: Rodney Lucas
Producer: Rodney Lucas
Writer: Rodney Lucas
Music Coordinator: Rodney Lucas
DOP: Edward Martinez